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Impact/Effectiveness Analysis
Impact/Effectiveness Analysis

Do you want to remain the market leader, test your products, services and staff effectiveness?. With AIC's extensive industry knowledge you will get the insight you need to ensure you have have the correct strategy and directional course for your products or service. Determine the effectiveness of your marketing or delivery process. Why wait for the market to provide the feedback to you in their time, proactively make refinements to your products and services.

Impact/Effectiveness Analysis is taking a critical and fresh look at your existing programs and services, products and determining their impact or effectiveness on the market. This can be done incrementally or as a complete program through in depth individual or group analysis such as a focus groups.

The following are ways you might use this service:

  • Test the effectiveness of your products and services
  • Determine enhancements/refinements
  • Proactively seek customers' thoughts and ideas
  • Observe "real world" use of your programs
  • Gain an unbiased view of your products/programs
  • Determine alternative implementation methods

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